Well Now…Isn’t That Embarrassing!

(The challenge:  Write something using a one word prompt.  The word:  Embarrassing )

Photo From Animal Planet


scene I:  subject (author) is alone writing a list of her most embarrassing moments

“Hmmm…what are my most embarrassing moments?  Several scenarios come to mind…but which to choose…which one to choose…?   Hmmm…let me think…okaaaaaay… maybe I could write about…

  • all the times I’ve barged into a room only to see someone naked
  • the time I was caught mooning my cousins
  • the time my grandma spanked my bare bottom
  • the time  I was bullied in kindergarten because my banana was too ripe
  • the time I couldn’t hold my water in second grade
  • the time my hand was smacked by the principal in second grade
  • all the times I wet the bed
  • the time I burst out crying in church because the pastor said Elvis went to hell
  • the time I was so scared that I forgot my memory verse and cried in front of the whole congregation
  • all the times I sat through sermons on homosexuality, knowing in my heart I was gay
  • the times in school when some bully said I had been beat with an “ugly stick”
  • the times I was bullied for having red hair and freckles
  • the time as a teenager, I parried an imaginary sword -in my underwear- across the baptistery, unaware of the on-going chapel service
  • the time I fell off the treadmill because someone flirted with me

AND…saving the best (or should I say the worst) for last…

  • the time I passed gas in church…unfortunate for me the chair was aluminum


scene II:  subject is still sitting alone and pondering

“I guess I could write about one or maybe a little something about all…should I or shouldn’t I…?  Nah…I’m just way too embarrassed for anyone to know.”

scene III:  subject gets up for more coffee…cat walks across lap-top accidentally pressing the “publish” key.  

closing scene:  fades to blush red


the chair

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