…With us Among the Thorns

Thistle from Purcell Park


The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart…

And none of them that trust in him shall be desolate.

Psalms 34:18,22


IMG_0594 (2)
Cosmos Flower for Mom


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Almost Old

almost old lisa ann
Newburyport Ma

Almost Old

A face in the mirror…a companion I see?

Almost old…no…it’s just me.

A voice screams inside my mind,

“Almost old and you can’t stop time!”

Almost old…what can I say?

The past is gone…it’s sifted away.

Almost old…what’s “left” to say?

The rest of my story…Go seize the day!

 “I [Jesus] dwell in timelessness:  I am, I was, I will always be.  [But for you] Time can…be a tyrant, ticking away relentlessly in your mind.  Learn to master time, or it will be your master.” ___ Sarah Young/Jesus Calling

“I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.”  Revelation 1:8

[Poem by Lisa Hardy]

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Summer’s Breeze


Shhhh…listen…can you hear…

 Summer’s breeze…God is near.

Never in the storm or quake…

 But gentle breaths that kiss the lake.

Still and quiet incline your ear

Shhhhh… listen… the Lord is near. __ Lisa Hardy

 “I caress you with a gentle breeze that refreshes and delights you.  I speak softly in the depths of your spirit, where I have taken up residence” ___ Sarah Young/Jesus Calling

 After the earthquake, [there was] a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire, [there was] the sound of a gentle blowing. ( I Kings 19:12 AMP)

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Make America Truly Love Again

Victims of Orlando Shooting

Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression,
But a good word makes it glad.  (Proverbs 12:25 NKJV)

When I have my morning coffee, I often read and today I read Proverbs 12:25.  Once it was read, I had to stop, because it dawned on me that I didn’t agree with it.

True enough, anxiety leads to depression, but the second part of that verse seems to be a bit shallow.  Words are never enough to make the heart glad.  All of us enjoy compliments and of course they do make us smile;  but far too many times they become the same old rhetoric we’ve heard over and over again. When this occurs,  those words are meaningless and quite frankly, insulting.

As a writer I string words together with the hope of creating something meaningful, whether it’s to entertain or to touch hearts.  Words can be powerful, but they can also be cheap.  In my life I’ve heard the words “I love you” many times, but also through the years I’ve learned these words, at times, can be insincere.  Love is easy to profess but much harder to prove.  If you truly love someone then your actions will show it.  Love without action is only a lie.

This past week, after the shooting in the city of Orlando, America used “words” to express her sorrow. She professed her love through prayers and moments of silence.  I ask you, is that enough?    Do prayers and moments of silence represent true sorrow?  Are they enough to show true love?   

It is with this frame of mind, I penned to following prose.  It’s not meant to be pretty or written with rhythm or rhyme.  It’s simply my thoughts about a situation that makes no sense, but keeps happening anyway.

Make America Truly Love Again

America weeps over the Orlando shooting, and I say, “here we go again.”

Our mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, husbands, wives and dearest friends are taken by a bullet from a gun…and I say, “here we go again.”

Our government takes a moment of silence,” and I say, “Here we go again.”

Our flags across this land fly half staff, and I say, “here we go again.”

Night vigils are held with candles lit, and I say, “here we go again.”

The religious among us bow to pray, and I say,  “here we go again.”

 Politicians bicker and fuss but nothing’s done, and I say, “here we go again.”

We cry…we mourn and we bury the dead and I say, “here we go again.”

We break bread at tables with empty seats, and I say “here we go again.”

Days pass into weeks…our sadness wanes, and I say “here we go again.”

In this land of Red, White, and Blue the people forget, and I say, “here we go again.”

Our senses are lulled and to sleep we fall…and I say, “here we go again.”

Well, guess what America?  I’m damn sick and tired of saying “here we go again!”

I’m tired of your empty prayers and moments of silence!

I’m tired of your condolences, while we throw dirt to a grave!

I’m tired of wreaths of flowers that only decay!

 Keep your prayers, your candles, your flowers and give us action, instead!

Take action and demand that laws be changed!

Take action to sew up the loopholes!

Take action and demand “No fly-No buy!”

Take action and ban weapons of mass destruction!

Take action instead of padding the pockets of the NRA!

“Take action!  Take action and do it today!”

You must know… Prayer without action is never true love.

Moments of silence are just that…silent. 

Repeated well wishes are empty and insulting.

Wake up America!  Wake up and Understand!

Your “niceties” are but dung to our face, when nothing’s ever done!

You think prayer and candles synonymous of love?

Guess what America…You’re wrong!

Love is taking action…and not waiting to say, “here we go again.”

True love does more than pray or light candles.

True love steps up to the plate and swings her heart out.

True love, not only says something…it does something. 

America we’re waiting…what will you do?

Can we make America “TRULY LOVE” again!


May I Be You

Jesus, this one thing I seek to do…May I love others as you have loved me.  Break my heart for your people…may I see them as you see them.  May I be you today.  Amen

Photo taken from Cliff Walk/Newport Rhode Island

“This is My commandment, that you love and unselfishly seek the best for one another, just as I have loved you.” ___John 15:12

“Wear My Love like a cloak of Light, covering you from head to toe.  Have no fear, for perfect Love decimates fear.  Look at other people through lenses of love; see them from My Perspective.  This is how you walk in the Light, and it pleases Me” ___ Jesus Calling/Sarah Young


Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s photo challenge is all about numbers.  I decided to arrange my photographs in a collage of three. The top left is a photo of my shirt and number when I ran in The Disaster Relief 5K.  The top right “black & white” is of a wintry New England day…notice the number 7 on the mailbox.  Lastly, the bottom photo is of my brand-new box of 64 Crayola Crayons.

Never let them tell you an old lady can’t be young at heart!

all about numbers

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Well Now…Isn’t That Embarrassing!

(The challenge:  Write something using a one word prompt.  The word:  Embarrassing )

Photo From Animal Planet


scene I:  subject (author) is alone writing a list of her most embarrassing moments

“Hmmm…what are my most embarrassing moments?  Several scenarios come to mind…but which to choose…which one to choose…?   Hmmm…let me think…okaaaaaay… maybe I could write about…

  • all the times I’ve barged into a room only to see someone naked
  • the time I was caught mooning my cousins
  • the time my grandma spanked my bare bottom
  • the time  I was bullied in kindergarten because my banana was too ripe
  • the time I couldn’t hold my water in second grade
  • the time my hand was smacked by the principal in second grade
  • all the times I wet the bed
  • the time I burst out crying in church because the pastor said Elvis went to hell
  • the time I was so scared that I forgot my memory verse and cried in front of the whole congregation
  • all the times I sat through sermons on homosexuality, knowing in my heart I was gay
  • the times in school when some bully said I had been beat with an “ugly stick”
  • the times I was bullied for having red hair and freckles
  • the time as a teenager, I parried an imaginary sword -in my underwear- across the baptistery, unaware of the on-going chapel service
  • the time I fell off the treadmill because someone flirted with me

AND…saving the best (or should I say the worst) for last…

  • the time I passed gas in church…unfortunate for me the chair was aluminum


scene II:  subject is still sitting alone and pondering

“I guess I could write about one or maybe a little something about all…should I or shouldn’t I…?  Nah…I’m just way too embarrassed for anyone to know.”

scene III:  subject gets up for more coffee…cat walks across lap-top accidentally pressing the “publish” key.  

closing scene:  fades to blush red


the chair

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Walking Through Psalms: Focus

Johnny Depp getting a better focus in Sleep Hollow

When my glasses become smudged, I’m forced to read words through a haze.  Many times I’ve taken them off my nose and used my shirt to wipe away the haze; however, it only creates a greater murkiness in which to navigate the letters upon the page.  This is frustrating.  Why doesn’t the shirt work?  Shirts are readily accessible…we wear them, for goodness sake!

Ah…but alas, it never fails, I sit down to “put words to page”-(ancient Greek for keyboard typing)- only to realize my glasses are dirty.   I usually have lens wipes close at hand for such occasions; however sometimes, I reach for one and it’s not there.  Then I remember, I used the last one at the previous sitting.  I had intended to replenish the stack but of course I forgot.

This conundrum creates a dilemma.  Do I get up and get a lens wipe or do I attempt to create my story peering through dirty glasses?  I usually try to do the latter, because the creative juices are flowing, and as a writer, I want to “get it while the getting’s good.” (okay…confession…laziness may play a small part)  Inevitably, I always get up and get the damn lens wipe, as I hate looking through dirty glasses.

I thought about this scenario, as I read Psalms 18:1, “I will love thee, O Lord, my strength.

In the midst of living life, it’s so easy to forget the source of our strength.  I don’t think that a sin, I just think it’s human nature.  Whenever this happens, we focus on the problem and then laboriously we try to solve the riddle.  The problem then grows, our strength falters and we are forced to acknowledge our weakness.

This can be a good thing, if it causes us to redirect our focus to Jesus.  Doing this will not make the problem go away, but it assures us we are not alone.  It assures us we are connected to a God who loves us, a God who is ever-present, a God who is working on our behalf and a God who is in control.  Dirty lenses can make us aware of our need for God.

To see clearly, our glasses need to be cleaned and cleaned often.

So get up and get the lens wipe.


Fear not, little flock;  for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.  

(Luke 12:32)

The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.  

(Psalms 18:2)







Circus or Church


I enjoy etymology.  Etymology is basically the account of the birth and development of a word.  I like to say, “All words have a story to tell.”

Today’s one-word-prompt is circus, and so I wondered just where this word originated. After a bit of investigating I discovered the word circus originated from the Greek word kirkos.  To my surprise, I found that our word “church” comes from the same Greek word.

So, I guess-in sense-albeit loosely, we could make the claim that circus and church are cousins of a sort.  Sounds silly, but it made me smile. Goofing around, as so often I do, I wondered if one word could be substituted for the other.

For example in the book of Matthew Jesus tells Peter, “…upon this rock I will build my church.”  Substitute circus for church and Jesus says  “…upon this rock I will build my circus.” Even though some churches may resemble a circus more than the house of God, obviously this in not what Jesus meant to say at all.

In that particular passage of scripture,  Jesus used the Greek word ekklesia.  Ekklesia is used 115 times in the New Testament and 114 times it is translated within the KJV Bible as church.  In fact, the only time it is “correctly” translated is in Acts 19 with the word “assembly.”  So, whenever ekklesia is translated as church it is technically incorrect.      The Tyndale Bible, translated in 1524, never once used the word church but used the word congregation instead.

So how did the incorrect translation come to be about?

The earlier translations (before KJV) failed to give honor to the King in their footnotes.  Therefore,  King James, sometimes referred to as “Queen James”-because of his homosexual lifestyle, began the process of translating his own version. Fifty four scholars were nominated for the task; however, by the time the actual process began only 47 of the 54 remained because of death or other undisclosed circumstances.

The 47 scholars were given 15 “edicts” or “laws” that they had to follow during their translation process.  One of the fifteen edicts-the third one to be precise-was  “in select places, they were to use the word “church,” and not “congregation,” in place of ekklesia.”  [ http://www.beinaberean.org ]

Why was King James so adamant about using the word church instead of the word congregation?  Most likely because as King he knew he had jurisdiction over the “church” and not a “congregation.”

Richard Anthony  writes in his article:  (Christ’s Ekklesia and the Church Compared)

“He [King James] has no jurisdiction over the congregation (people), but he does over the church (physical buildings). So you can see he never wanted the word “assembly” associated with the original meaning of the Old Testament which meant “congregation.” So he knew the correct translation, obviously, but he didn’t want it in there, that way they retain control over “the church.” (From Christ’s Ekklesia and the Church Compared, by Richard Anthony)

It seems logical to me.

Who would have thought my quest into circus would lead me to church!

If this topic interests you, check out the following websites:  [All are fascinating reads]