Fragile: Haiku 9/16/16

The following was inspired by today’s daily post: Fragile (my stab at haiku) *** Glorious beauty Seen only through fragile eyes The way:  Death alone

Grace is Found in Hues of Gray

Recently, I had a family member express concern for my soul.  Their reason?  I’m a lesbian. Now, first of all, I realize their concern is an expression of love, but I also know, they fear if they fail to warn me, then my blood will stain their hands, at the great white throne of God’s…

Footbridge To Peace

Finally finished my second watercolor painting.  I call it Footbridge To Peace.  Hope you like it! Before and After Stages

Melody of the Soul

  Sometimes I shiver with the thought of getting old.  This shiver, like a wave of panic, reminds me:  Time marches on and stops for no one.  Logically, I knew this all along; however, now that I’m over fifty, it’s beginning to really sink in. It’s quite the paradox, for as I gaze into the mirror, I see…