On Setting Boundaries…


Thought for today:  I’ve spent most of my life a  peacemaker and  in the process I have forfeited my own peace.


Simply because I failed to set boundaries. The desire to make everything right for everyone else has not only ruined many friendships but it has effectively taught others how to disrespect me.

If you don’t respect yourself then why should anyone else?

“I will not be entangled with people who want to use my time and energy trying to  help them, when they really don’t want to change…You should never feel guilty about placing boundaries around your life…You are actually not using wisdom if you don’t establish such boundaries.  God’s word calls us to peace, and boundaries are one thing that will help us keep it.” ___Joyce Meyer

I have so much to say on this subject matter.  There are many personal examples of how I have successfully taught friends, family, lovers and even strangers the art of disrespecting me.

More to follow; however, my job beckons and I do have to pay the bills….(smile)

Be true to yourself and set some boundaries…so others will know where NOT to tread.

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