God is My Refuge

Friends, my emotions have been tossed to and fro like leaf in the wind.

The political scene in America has taken the peace that God promises I can have if I but put my trust in Him.

But these questions ring heavy in my mind, “…but God, how can I trust when this man has gotten away with every evil plot he has imagined?” Or, “…my God, how can I trust when you’ve let someone who is so full of pride continue to be?” And this one, “…God you say in your word that pride goes before the fall…Lord where is the fall?”

I was raised to believe that you shouldn’t question God, but that is not what my heart tells me. Study the book of Psalms and you will find man asking God all sorts of questions.

God welcomes us however we come to Him in prayer. His arms are open for he understands our fears ,for Jesus himself asked His Father if it be His will, to let the cup of death pass from Him.

Friends, the political unrest was great in Jesus’ day as well, but we must realize He is the corner-stone…and the foundation of our faith.

This morning as I sipped my coffee I meditated on Psalms 118:8 which encourages us to seek refuge in God rather than a king.

How fitting a verse for today’s times.

Lord, let me find my peace in you today. Amen

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