Keep It Simple

I had fully intended to work today, but God gave me an unexpected blessing. My phone rang at approximately 9:15 am. It was work cancelling my 10 am shift due to the fact that my client, over the weekend, had relocated to another part of Virginia.

I will miss this dear lady, but I’m happy for her as she’ll be closer to family.

I admit to feeling a twinge of happiness after the phone call. My mind immediately went to all the things I wanted to do here at home…writing, cooking, gardening, working in the yard, and perhaps buying and planting that cherry tree I had seen at Lowe’s the other day.

The one thing that didn’t cross my mind was money, then my employer informed me that I would still get paid a days work. I am grateful for the compensation, but my happiness is not contingent upon it.

After the call, I decided to pray and have morning devotions before getting to those things I longed to do. My meditation brought me to Proverbs 15:16:

“Better is little with the reverent, worshipful fear of the Lord than great and rich treasure and trouble with it.”

Often our own inner voice, capitalism, and the forces of our world urge us to “get” rather than “be.” The person who’s always driven to “get and get more” develops a noisy heart, and so great is that noise they miss the simple truth of happiness in contentment.

Today, may I keep it simple. May I quieten my heart in order to hear the voice of happiness.

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