Road Trip to Maine: Day 1

Inside “Oh Silver” waiting for AAA

My road trip to Maine started on an early 4:30 am, Friday morning.  To be honest, the alarm rang at 4:30, but of course I hit it and snoozed another 30 minutes.  Doesn’t everyone do that?

No time for a shower, became the consequence of sleeping away those 30 minutes, so I covered my “woody-woodpecker” hairdo with a baseball cap, kissed Corinne, patted our zoo animals, walked out, and closed the front door.  My lone vacation had begun.

You may be wondering why I’m traveling alone.  No, it’s not because I have no friends, in fact Facebook says I have 347 of them, the reason I’m the “lone-traveler” is simply because Corinne had to work and I didn’t want the “already paid-for vacation” to go to waste.  So, high oh silver away!  (too funny because the car is silver)

“What’s that…why didn’t I ask someone else to accompany me?”

Well, I guess, I figured everyone was too busy with their own lives.  Isn’t that the way of the world these days…?

Besides, I find myself to be damn good company!  (Spoken like a true introvert)

I cranked up “Oh Silver,” and backed her out into the rain that would accompany me most of the way.  (It’s okay…introverts like rainy days)

A couple of road accidents, (not mine) and a flat tire (yes…mine) turned my 10 hour drive into 14 hours.  I have to admit to being a little nervous sitting on the side of an extremely busy I-495.  The 18 wheeler trucks really had the little corolla “a rocking” as I sat there for 30 minutes waiting for AAA to come “a knocking.”

Finally a big white towing truck pulled up behind me, and what looked like a “Trump-Supporter,” stepped out, inspected my opened trunk, and then told me to “get out and unload everything.”

“Damn…” I thought, “He must have noticed my Hillary bumper sticker!”

Once I unloaded everything, he proceed to jack up “Oh Silver.”  Within the span of 4 minutes, he took off the flat, put on the “dough-nut” and told me I could put everything else back inside the trunk.

“Maybe he noticed my HRC bumper sticker…” I thought.   Regardless, I was extremely grateful for his service, so I handed him a twenty dollar bill, and he finally graced me with his elusive smile.

“Money, talks…” I thought, as I smiled back and wished him a good weekend. Back on the road, my “three-and-a-half” wheels eagerly ate the miles, toward a finish line that lay another 2 hours away.

Finally, I found myself at the abode that would be mine for the forthcoming week.  The room was definitely dated, with an outside entry and “real” key that hung from a key chain, instead of the usual card entry.  Opening the door, and looking inside, I found it dated as well, but it was clean, warm and inviting, and felt like heaven.

Before “hitting the sack,” I sat on the couch with a bowl of popcorn on my lap, a beer by my side, and The Andy Griffith Show on the television.  I took a deep breath and thought, “Life is good.”


(…to be continued…)

(I’ll probably bore everyone to tears, but I wanted keep a blog of my trip, in order to look back upon, in the future)






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  1. I find it interesting read.

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. Alone!! I love that word!!! And I love Maine!! Happy your taking us along!!!!

    1. I know, right! Some people say it like it’s a bad word! Thank you 🙂

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