Cornmeal Dumplings


When I have a chance to reminiscence about the south, I always think about some mighty good cooking, and boy, could my mom ever cook!

 If you have a minute, come on with me and lets take a walk down memory’s lane:

“I can still r’member, rite good, them Sundays!  My mama would cook up a big ole supper for all us kids, and for anyone else who’d stopped by.   One things a’certin , my mama’s door was always open, and everyone  who walked through em know’d they were loved.  One of the ways she’d show us her love was feed’n us some mighty good food.    

Duchess when she had two good eyes

I member one day when the preacher and the visiting, revival preacher came  over’n ta our house to eat some supper.  My mama cooked them turnip greens and cornmeal dumplings.  Well I was sit’n next to the preacher when he dipped his spoon in the bowl for his share.   He must a been familiar with the turnip greens, all right, but guess he’d never seen them cornmeal dumplings before; cause I heard him whisper, rite quiet like, to the other preacher, “Whats is this?”   Then, cause I had good ears back then, I heard the revival preacher whisper back, “…just shut up and eat it.”  Well, I’d never taken a liken to those corn meal dumplings either…so for once, I guess I agreed with the preacher.  

After supper those preachers seemed to be in a real big hurry to leave…something  about hav’n to pray for the revival meet’n that night…guess’n it were’t a’goin so good.  Wells anyway, they get to the car and  my little-ole one-eyed dog hauls off and bites the preacher right on his dern ankle.

My dog’s name was Duchess and she lost her eye cause a neighbor was drive’n too fast on the dirt road.  My dad, fixed Duchess right up by take’n her to the vet, and I loved him so much for doing that.  

Wells, them preachers, got in the car and they’d never did come back for supper.  Guess they’d didn’t like them cornmeal dumplings.”

Mama hanging clothes
Me and mama hang’n clothes on the line

(Disclaimer:  Of course the story above was written tongue in cheek.  Some of it’s true and some of it’s not…but I ain’t a’bout to go tell’n which!)

(Recipe compliments of

2 lb. fresh young turnip greens
1/4 lb. salt pork or desired amount of bacon drippings
Salt to taste
Enough water to have 3 c. liquid when done
Clean and wash greens thoroughly. In a 3 quart saucepan combine salt pork, salt and water. Cover pan and bring to simmering. Add washed greens, cover and cook gently until greens are tender. Lift greens from liquid, drain and arrange on serving platter that can be kept warm. Arrange Dumplings as desired on dish with greens; pour liquid over to keep them moist and hot. Serve at once. Yield 3-4 servings.
1 c. corn meal
1/2 tsp. salt
2/3 c. boiling water
Pot liquor
Combine cornmeal and salt in a mixing bowl. Stir boiling water into cornmeal mixture and stir to blend well. Using a heaping tablespoon for each portion, shape into balls and place gently in boiling pot liquor from cooked greens. Replace cover; simmer slowly until dumplings are done (20-30 minutes). Remove from heat and let stand 10 minutes.


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  1. cwaugh212 says:

    Pur-she-ate the plain speakin.

  2. Dam good recipe.thanks

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