If I Could Go Back

Daily Prompt:   If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again, or to do something over, which part of you life would your return to? Why?

If I had the power to twitch my nose and wish myself anywhere in time, there’s no question as to where I would go.  Time travel would whisk me back to my children’s younger years and I would love them (my children) every single minute, that I may have wasted back then.  I would take each moment to make sure Beth and Joshua knew just how much their mama loved them.  I would pick them up with every skinned knee, hold them close and assure them all would be well.

I would sit on the floor and play “army men” or “dinosaurs” with Joshua.  We would set up our military, in strategic locations, all through out the living room, and wait anxiously for the “bad guys” to come.  Our plastic dinosaurs would romp and roar for hours at a time and afterward we’d sit and build Lego fantasy lands.

Beth and I would paint our faces with rouge, eye shadow and bright red lip stick and then set the table with cups and saucer, to have a tea party with her favorite doll, dressed in blue, and her cuddly stuffed raccoon.   Afterwards we’d bake peanut butter cookies and make cups of chocolate.

I would relive the hours, at Medoc Mountain State Park where Beth, Josh, Chewy, our dog, and I would wander the trails through out the woods.  Our hike would be long, but finally we would arrive at “the big rock by the creek,” and we’d scale to the top, all four of us, to eat.

I sure do miss those days.  I wish I had known, then, just how much I would miss them, today. If I had, I would have lived each moment to the fullest and then hid them away in my heart, so I could enjoy them over and over again, within my old age.

If you are young, with children of your own, be sure love those babies every moment  you can,  because one day, you, just as I, will turn around to find them gone…off to live lives of their own.

And so it is… as it should be.

Joshua is a West Point graduate, serving his country and Beth, with a Masters in Psychology, spends her day helping those in need.  I’m so very proud of them and the lives they lead, but oh, how I would love to go back, if only for  a day, to hold them in my arms and to kiss their freckled little noses.

I love you, Beth and Joshua.

beth josh me hiking


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