Mum’s The Word!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Truth or Dare.”

This is a re-post from another prompt (Do Not Disturb) but I thought it was quite fitting for this prompt as well.

Mum’s The Word!

mums-the-word1I have to admit I’m rather non-nonchalant when it comes to protecting my personal identification (PI) on social media.  I confess to being like the person who opens her mouth and out pours…BLAH…( yada yada yada)   Don’t misunderstand,  I am capable of keeping a secret, and  take it very serious when friends confide in me.  I am loyal to the core and I will guard it with my life (unless it involves  sharp instuments under my fingernails, in which case, I will sing like a canary.).

However, when it comes to my own PI I am somewhat  lackadaisical.  I am a honest person and, naively, I expect everyone else to be.  Writing this article has been an eye opener or better yet, a cry from a bullhorn that says, “Wake up Goldilocks…the world doesn’t work that way!”

We all know it takes approximately nine months to make a baby and according to David Hannum, P.T. Barnum’s rival, “There is a sucker born every minute.”   However, according to Google, victims of identity fraud and theft are created every two seconds!   This statistic was recorded in February, 2014.  God only knows what it is today…maybe 2-3 victims every two seconds?

Google’s best solution to the problem;  implement, what is referred to as, the 3 M’s: .  Minimize your risk of exposure, Monitor your security and Manage the damage.  

shakespeareThere’s this book I carry around in my head called, Hardy’s Book of Good Ole Horse Sense.  Within its covers it contains many   nuggets of truth that help me wander the maze of life.    The next chunk of knoweledge to be recorded will be: In the matters of TMI and social media, mum’s the word!  Or, as Shakespeare would say, “Seal up your lips and give no words but mum.” (Henry VI, Part 2, Act 1, Scene 2)

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