Enveloped In Love

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enveloped.”

When I think of the word enveloped, one thing comes to mind, love.  Could you possibly be surrounded by anything better?

I treasure the love of God that envelops me, always.  Corinne, the love of my life, envelopes me with love…and I am blessed.  Unconditional love  is given, without question, from our beloved pets.

And so it is with these thoughts, I took a walk through pictures of memories past.  These are my photos that convey enveloped.


Maggie giving kisses to Corinne.


Morris enveloping me in his arms as well as his snores.


Luna enveloping me in her trust.


Danica enveloped within a reflection.

Me my girls and the beach

Me enveloping my girls with a hug full of love.

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