Oh well…(The Glass REALLY is half full)

tumblr_m9xwtqh7ki1r6vtrgo1_500Last week I went for a run.  It had been way too long since the last one…almost a week.  I thought about berating myself for waiting so long.  Oh well…instead I laced up my Asics, grabbed the doorknob, and left the chastisement inside.

Outside I was greeted with a light but constant wind, a drizzle of rain and temperatures in the mid-forties.    My running attire consisted of black tights, a thin shirt, a light vest and  topped off with my Red Sox baseball cap.  I finished the look with a pair sunglasses, and  wondered if I were under-dressed. Oh well…I’d rather be too cool than too hot.

Heading out my driveway I noticed my Garmin was having a hell of time locating a satellite. Bummer!  I loved knowing  how far I run, how many calories I’ve burned and just how long it took me to get the finish line.  Oh well…I’d start running anyway.

The pavement was wet and when my rubber hit the road it made a squishy sound that I quickly adopted as my mantra.  After a short while I became bored.  Oh well…I’ll turn on the MP3 attached to my arm.  All at once, Lady Gaga was running beside me (Nine inch heels and all) singing, “Baby, you were born this way!”  I smiled and fell in stride to her voice.

Song after song propelled me onward until my Garmin beeped and I knew I was finally linked to the stars.  My run had officially begun…but…what about the last uncharted half mile? Oh well…I’d count it anyway.

After four miles of Creedence, Atomic Kitten and Gaga I rounded the corner and spied the welcome view of my driveway.  I was so dang
tired.  Oh well…only a tenth of mile to go…I can do it…

Maggie and Danica, my sweet fur babies, greeted me with wagging tails.  I patted and kissed their heads, and wondered if they’d barked too much while I was away.  Oh well…I was home and they were happy now.1001864_10201859479993650_633690125_n

Treatng my tired body to a stretch I bent down.  All at once my face was smothered with wet puppy kisses.  Their sti1012423_10201850785176285_332795144_nnky breath assaulted my nose.  Oh well…at least they loved their Mama.

Kissing complete the girls trotted off anxious to investigate something behind the rock wall that bordered our property. I took advantage of the opportunity and leaned further into the stretch by grabbing my ankles.  I looked between open legs at my upside world and saw a gray Corolla coming towards me.

Oh crap…I’m sure my big ass poked up in the air was not a pretty sight.

Oh well…it was just Corinne…  WHEW and YAY!

If I had a tail it would be wagging…

Oh well….

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