Hearing Them Loud and Clear


I wish I spoke her language!  What the hell is she trying to tell me?  Luna my wonder kitty “talks” all the time and for the life of me I can’t understand a single “word” she’s “saying.”

It’s so frustrating.  Before I even get out of bed she visits me in the wee hours of the morning…”Meeeeeow.”   Aggravated, I shush her, pull the covers over my head and try to fall back to sleep.  When I finally rise for the day, there she is sitting quietly on my bed.  She looks at me and again, “Meeeeeow.”  Maybe she’s saying, “good morning” in kitty talk.  Then again, she could be saying, “It’s about time, I’m starved!”

I manage the stairs without stumbling and make a be-line for the coffee pot.  “MEEEEEOOOOOOW!”  Luna looks at me as if to say, “Hey stupid, I’m down here!”   So I check her bowl and it’s full.  “Hmmmmm….??

Usually I enjoy my coffee in the presence of Fabbook or scrolling through the headlines to see what transpired during the night.  Like clockwork, Luna bounds over the lap-top, plops on my chest….”Meeeeeeeooooow.”   Then something magical happens.  The noisy litter critter touches my face with her big ole poly-dactyl paws and touches her nose to mine.  My heart melts and I totally forget about my coffee. (Something that rarely happens)

Now “this” language is not hard to decipher at all.  Luna, my chatter box, is quietly showing her love. Then something catches her attention, and off she bounds to investigate.  The magical moment is gone as quick as it started, but its effect lingers long and warms my heart.   I smile and savor the moments while watching her bat aroud a rather large dust bunny.  (Note to self:  Clean the damn house!)

I wonder how often, during the course of our day, we fail to recognize such acts of love and kindness.  It’s easy to get caught up in our daily activities whether they are at home or at work and let these moments slip by without much thought.  They’re usually small incidents… a smile in passing, a wink of an eye, an Atta-boy of praise, a “have a piece of pizza” (happened to me last night at work…thanks Claudette!) or a “let me get that door for you.”  These random acts of kindness express warmth and friendship that we should never ignore.  They’re here in an instant and gone the next, but their essence can loiter within our hearts if we but grab and hold them for an extra second or two. Today and everyday may our senses be heightened….may we savor the moment and may we give out, as much if not more, than we receive.


“What’s that, Luna?”  “Meeeeeeooooooowwwwwww…. Purrrrrr….purrrr…purr…”

“Okay, sweetie, I hear you loud and clear.”

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