Scenes From a Winter’s Run

Scenes From a Winter's Run

I laced up my sneakers and wondered if I’d fall on my ass. I’m not a stranger to falling on my ass! But, hey…so far I’ve gotten up every damn time so I guess I don’t need Med-Alert…yet. It was still snowing when I opened the door and the girls (my dogs, Maggie and Danica) beat me outside.

I’m training for a St Patrick’s Day five-miler. I’ve gotten rusty. But there is no time like the present to start getting in shape. So off I go on a slow gallop in the snow. (slow is normal for me..whether rusty or not) The first mile is always the hardest. My legs are screaming bloody- murder, my lungs heaving heavily…(not my boobs..they stay still) and my mind is cussing the hell out of myself. The key is to not stop even though every fiber within your body is telling you to do just that. Ignore it! I didn’t say it was easy. If it were easy everyone would be doing it…right? Well…that’s what I keep telling my cursing mind! Eventually almost every body part settles into the motion and gets into the groove. The mind continues to nag but only a little.

Good news! The traction on the snow covered road was pretty decent so I was able to skip the falling on my ass part. Yay me! When it was all said and done I was able to get in about two miles. The girls were waiting for me with wagging tails as I trudged up the driveway. We went inside and all collapsed, they on their beds and me on the couch.

I feel compelled to always have a moral or lesson to these short snippets of writing but for the hell of me I can’t think of any today. Is that called writer’s block or just a numb-dumb mind? Who’s to say…but I don’t like it much! Oh well…the moral of today’s snippet…I guess you could say that sometimes there is no moral…and no lesson. It’s just life so get out there and do it. (smile)

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