What If You Could Pick?

In this life change is inevitable. From the moment we wake to the setting of the sun, our bodies and emotions continue to evolve. One could argue that we possess the power to alter the severity of these changes through prayer, meditation, exercise, and diet; however, this one thing is certain: we cannot stop change. If you’re reading this and breathing you’re on your way to the end. Hopefully that doorway is far into the future.

Ben Franklin once said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

Well, Mr Franklin, you’re right about the dying part but not so right about paying taxes. Obviously, your crystal ball failed to reveal the Donald Trumps of this present world, and large corporations like Amazon and Netflix. But I refuse to talk politics. It’s a subject that has cost me family and friends.


What if…what if we were allowed pick some of those changes?

I’ve borrowed the following scenarios from one of my favorite blogs, This, That, and The Other. ( https://fivedotoh.com ). It is a set of “What if we could change” questions. I thought it would be fun to venture into Neverland, and post my answers here on Redhead Reflections. If you would like to share your answers to these questions please leave them in the comments section. I always seek to better know my readers.

So, here we go…

Rory Asks About Loose Change

Right now, right this minute, what could happen that would change your life totally for the better?

Healing for someone I hold dear to my heart.

How well do you handle changes in your life, to your life, or to your regular routines?

Well, it depends on the type of changes, of course. Obviously, if I won the lottery I’d be doing cartwheels, but in general, I’m not very good with change.

If you could jump into a pool of something odd [not water] what would it be?

Rice pudding, but only if I could carry a spoon.

What would be so much better if you could simply change the color of it?

My lily-white skin. (heeeheeeeheeee)

If you had a time machine, would you go back in time or visit the future and would you change anything?

I would go back to creation and chop down all the apple trees.

Do you prefer dogs over cats or cats over dogs?

I consider cats my spiritual avatar, but, that being said, I have 3 dogs and I love them with all my heart. (Is that dodging the question?)

How would you react if you were unexpectantly changed into a frog?

Well, I sure wouldn’t eat a fly! I’d probably take advantage of my jumping ability and do somersaults in the wind.

Write a random sentence about blogging without using the letter G.

My site, Redhead Reflections, is almost 6 years old!

If you could change the world over, what would you change?

Kindness would be innate.

Why did you do that?

So mankind could truly live out the golden rule.

If you could disinvent something, what would it be and why?

War. War would never be an option. Without war, perhaps we could live in peace, where no one is taken advantage of regardless of gender, race, religion, wealth, or sexual orientation.

You have been gifted an elephant – you cannot give it away, donate it, or sell it – what are you going to do with your elephant?

I’m going to hug him, kiss him, pat him, and name him George.

What are your values with regards your life?

To be kind and help others. (sounds “cheesy” but it’s genuine)

Who do you prefer to spend the most time with?

As an introvert, I love my alone time. I find I’m a better person to all those around me when I’ve had enough me time. When I’m recharged I love spending time with my wife, children, sister, my three dogs, and two cats.

Which is worse, falling over or not getting back up again?

Not getting back up again…no explanation needed.

If the currency was happiness and goodwill, what job would you perform?

I’d be a farmer.

You have lost your Interney connection for ten days, there is no internet connection within 50 miles of where you live. It matters not about what you use to connect, it simply isn’t happening – what will you for those ten days?

Read, eat good food, and be outside.

…and that’s all folks!

Feel free to leave your answers in the comments! Thanks for reading!


Todays Word: Pick

This, That, and The Other

Besp0ken Plans

What You Should Know about Rex Tillerson, America’s Next Secretary of State…

Rex Tillerson, chairman of ExxonMobil, left, shakes hands with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the Novo-Ogaryovo residence April 16, 2012.

President elect, Donald J Trump, has finally made up his mind as to who will be the next Secretary of Sate.  After dangling, as carrots before the American people, such names as, Petraeus, Guiliani, and Romney, Trump decided against all three, and instead chose Rex Tillerson, chief executive of Exxon Mobil.

It is my opinion that Tillerson has been the culprit in Trump’s bespoken plans all along.

Do I have proof?

No.  But such are all opinions…  Opinions, after all, are only personal assumptions of self-interpreted “facts” as perceived by the viewer.

So, you see, I have no crystal ball, or inside intelligence to support my opinion, but what I do have is the 4 decade report, of Tillerson’s business and personal dealings, as CEO of the world’s largest,  international oil and gas company, Exxon Mobil.

Such report reveals:

  • As CEO of Exxon Mobil, Tillerson has had a two-decade relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin.
  • As a result of this relationship, Vladimir Putin personally awarded Tillerson, Russia’s Order of Friendship Award in 2013.
  • Rex Tillerson is a known skeptic of the sanctions placed upon Russia by the United States and European countries.
  • Exxon Mobil has billions of dollars in Oil contracts, that can NOT go forward, until these sanctions are lifted.
  • “Under his [Tillerson’s] leadership, Exxon has entered into joint ventures with Rosneft, a Russian-backed oil company, and donated to the country’s [Russia] health and social programs.” __ New York Times

I don’t know about you, but in light of  CIA claims that Russia tried to sway the election, Rex Tillerson’s relationship with Russia is cause for great alarm.

Senator John McCain (Also the decorated, Prisoner-Of-War hero, demeaned by Trump) said  the close ties between Tillerson and Russia is “a matter of concern.” Of Putin, Senator McCain said, “Vladimir Putin is a thug, bully and a murderer, and anyone else who describes him as anything else is lying.”

Last month, President Obama and European leaders, agreed to uphold the sanctions against Russia and to keep them intact until Russia implemented a cease fire, and the removal of heavy war weapons from the borders of Ukraine.  Certainly Vladimir Putin was unhappy with this decision.

Hmmm…if only Putin had a friend in Washington…

Enter:  President Donald J Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Vladimir Putin must be smiling like the Cheshire cat.


(Information from New York Times…read article:  Trump Names Exxon Mobil Chief to Run State Department)


Meeting Trump Along the Way

I continue my walk through the book of Psalms.  Imagine my surprise when I met one of the presidential candidates along the way!  As soon as I read Psalms 5:9, Donald Trump came to mind.  He seemed to resurface again in the book of Romans

For there is nothing trustworthy or steadfast or truthful in their talk; their heart is destruction; their throat is an open sepulcher; they flatter and make smooth with their tongue.

Psalms 5:9 


Romans 3:13-18

13 Their throat is a yawning grave; they use their tongues to deceive (to mislead and to deal treacherously). The venom of asps is beneath their lips.

14 Their mouth is full of cursing and bitterness.

15 Their feet are swift to shed blood.

16 Destruction [as it dashes them to pieces] and misery mark their ways.

17 And they have no experience of the way of peace [they know nothing about peace, for a peaceful way they do not even recognize].

18 There is no [reverential] fear of God before their eyes.

Romans 3:13-18

My Prayer:  Lord, I almost feel mean in this my comparison of Mr Trump.  Forgive me, Lord.  Who am I to judge for I am but a sinner saved by your grace.   I can only see the outside but you, Father, see the heart.  You know the heart of every presidential candidate.  God, may the one with the truest heart win.  Please protect and bless America. Amen.

Trump For A Day

MAGADaily Prompt:   I’ve decided to combine yesterday’s prompt with today’s prompt.  Why?   Simply because I had such a great idea yesterday but failed to put it in writing.  Lucky me, it just so happens that today’s prompt compliments yesterday’s prompt.   So, now that I’ve completely confused you, let me explain.

When both prompts are combined the wonderful mixture is as follows:

Tomorrow (December 31, 2015)  you get to become anyone in the world that you wish. Who are you?  Where were you last night at the stroke of midnight?  Would you want to be anywhere else? 

If I could be anyone in the world I would choose to be Donald Trump.  This metamorphosis would only last a day as I’m sure that’s as long as I could stand to live in his skin. And so, just as Cinderella, when the clock strikes midnight, I will return to my simple life of being wife, homemaker and writer.  I will find myself within the walls of our modest home nestled with the Shenandoah Valley.

With a wave of her wand and appologies on her lips, my fairy god-mother transforms me into Donald Trump.  As the Donald, I cement my hair with spray and proceed in haste to implement a five-fold plan.  After all, midnight comes quick when you’re spending someone else’s money!

So without further ado I pick up the phone and my plan is set in motion:

  1.   Trump often refers to African Americans as “the blacks” and  he deems them lazy and unworthy.  For that reason one million dollars will be donated in his name to 100 Black Men of America Inc.   This non-profit organization was founded in 1963 when a group of concerned African American men met to explore ways to improve their communities.  This organization seeks, “to serve as a beacon of leadership by utilizing our diverse talents to create environments where our children are motivated to achieve, and to empower our people to become self-sufficient shareholders in the economic and social fabric of the communities we serve.”
  2.  Trump states he desires a “…total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” For that reason one million dollars will be donated in his name to the United Muslim Foundation   The UMF is a wonderful nonprofit organization that strives to provide “unity through community service and development.”  Made up of Muslims they provide services to the “needy at soup kitchens and shelters and works with local schools to provide reading incentives for children.”
  3. Trump’s pie-hole often refers to  immigrants as moochers and many Mexican rapists.  For that reason, one million dollars will be donated in his name to  The Immigrant Learning Center    The mission of this not-for-profit organization is “…to give immigrants a voice in three ways: provide free English classes to immigrant and refugee adults … educate the public on the ways that immigrants are assets to America, and support research that demonstrates the economic and social benefits of immigration.”
  4.  Trump frequently calls women “bimbos, fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.” For that reason, one million dollars will be donated in his name to Step Up   Step Up is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to propel “girls from under-resourced communities to fulfill their potential by empowering them to become confident, college-bound, career-focused,and ready to join the next generation of professional women.”
  5. Trump often talks about having “a good piece of ass.”  For that reason one million dollars will be donated in his name to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue Inc  This wonderful organization rescues thousands of abused and abandoned donkeys across the United States.  Once they are nurtured back to health each “ass” is then put up for adoption.

Well, there you have it…my day as Trump is approaching its end.  The clock is about to strike the midnight hour and by golly I find myself (as Trump) at Clinton’s New Year’s Eve party.  I  clink Hillary’s  champagne glass but before I (he) can kiss her lips…POOF…I become me once again and I kiss my wife and wish her a Happy New Year!  AND No…I wouldn’t want to be any place else.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Corinne and I