Hold My Beer

We all at one point stand at a crossroad wondering which way to go. It’s not a comfortable place to be because we fear if we choose the wrong road our life will be in turmoil, and we will miss the blessings the other road had to offer.

Since the death of my wife, I have stood before many crossroads, feeling alone, scared, and terrorized with fear that I would make the wrong choice that would lead to demise. 

Will I lose my home? What bills should I pay? I can’t afford to pay all of them working a minimum wage job. What’s going to happen to the fur-babies? Will I be able to afford them all, or will I have to pick and choose which ones to keep and which ones to let go?  Should I look for a better paying job? Here I am in my fifties working a low wage job, who would take the risk of hiring someone like me? What should I do with Corinne’s stuff, her car, her clothes, her family pictures, her books, her music? Will I be a traitor if I let them go? And what about the treadmill in the living room…?  You know the one…the eye-sore sitting in the living room…the one you wanted to move to another room, but compromised because it meant so much to Corinne. 

I’m sure questions will keep rising, and I’ll find myself standing at a crossroad many times yet to come.

In the Bible, King Solomon faced many crossroads. Once such as…God gave him a choice to pick anything his heart desired. I’m sure the temptation was to pick riches, power, or a long life, but he didn’t choose any of those. Instead, he asked God to give him an understanding heart…he asked for wisdom. God was so pleased with Solomon’s choice He decided to grant him the other things as well.

Another time he faced this crossroad…

One day when Solomon was sitting on his throne as judge there stood before him two harlots.  One of the women began to weave a tale about accounts she said transpired the previous night. She said that the two women shared the same house, and both of them had birthed a baby with only three days between. She said in the evening they both laid in their beds with their babies by their side. Blaming the other woman, she pointed at her and said, “She rolled over her son in the night, and smothered him by accident, then she got up at midnight and switched the babies, giving me her dead son, and taking my living son for her own. When I awoke in the morning to nurse my baby, I saw that it was dead, and I realized the baby was not mine.”

The other woman beside her interrupted and said, “Tis not so, my Lord! The live baby is mine and the dead baby is hers!”

Then the first woman spoke again, “No, my Lord, the dead baby is hers and the live baby is mine!”

At this point King Solomon spoke, “Bring me a sword.” (I like to think it sounded something like, “Hold my beer.”)

The sword was brought before the King and he said, “Divide the baby and give one side to this woman, and the other side to that woman.”

The true mother’s heart broke, and she begged “Oh my Lord please don’t slay the child! Give it to her that he may live,” but the other one said, “Neither let it be mine or hers! Divide the child!”

Then with God’s given wisdom, he ordered his guards, “Give the child to the woman who begged to spare his life, for she is the true mother.”

We have to trust that we too will have some of those, “hold my beer” moments.

Moments when God gives you peace. Moments when God brings someone into your life to help show the way. Moments when you receive unexpected money to pay the bills. Moments in which God blesses you with gifts you never even dreamed of. Moments when friends help you take that step of faith in the dark. Moments when the Holy Spirit makes clear the way.

Our life is composed of crossroads and the consequences of our decisions.

It is inescapable.

When you find yourself at a crossroad trust God, and know that he has a plan. Know that somehow…someway he will show you that plan. Ask God to open your spiritual eyes and to make your heart tender to His Holy Spirit. He said he will never leave you, so, know that you are not alone and never will be.

Sometimes we have to wait a long time for God’s answer, but don’t despair, rather wait expecting God’s blessing…knowing it will come.

God assures us that, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.” And so, it is God’s strength that enables us to move forward, whether we fly, run, or walk. 

Therefore friend, don’t despair when you face such trials.  

Your very own, “Hold my Beer” moment is on its way!

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