Happy New Beginnings!


Genesis contains the biblical version of this World’s birth, so how fitting it is to read Genesis on New Year’s day! Genesis 1:1 opens with“In the beginning God…”  The author of this book, Moses, did the best he could, with the knowledge he had, to write the creation story.  In my opinion, Moses gives us an “overview” of creation’s story and not a detailed account.

As I ponder this first day of the new year, I thank God for new beginnings, and today can be one of those beginnings.  Today is a day where most of us make new-year resolutions, whether we want to admit it or not.  We may not verbally express it but the conversations in our mind go something like this… 

“Perhaps I should…

  • make the most of that gym membership
  •  drink more water and less sodas
  • give up those cigarettes
  • start saving money for the future
  • start paying off my debts
  • eat healthier
  • move more and eat less
  • read more

The list is endless and as diverse as there are people in the world.  

Here’s the thing…I don’t like to tag any of these goals as resolutions.  Resolute is final…complete…without mistake going forward.  Resolute is unreasonable.  We will make mistakes and we will backslide into old habits, and we should go into the new year with this knowledge.  If we do, failure will not come as a shock, but rather as a new beginning. 

We are given a new beginning multiple times every day, and with these new beginnings we can live our life with purpose and hope.  

With new beginnings we will never give up.  

Happy New Beginnings, Friends!  


Honest #FOWC

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