Give Yourself Away


So often our thoughts are consumed with getting what we want or need, and this is not necessarily a bad thing…after all, it is self-preservation that has kept our species alive and kicking to this very day.

Self preservation is a God-given intrinsic, instinct, but, let’s face it friends, a lot has changed since the days of painting our stories upon cavern walls.

Most of us not only have our needs…shelter, food, water, and clothes…met, but we are also richly garnished with our fleshly wants and desires.  Where as, some may think this a bad thing, I do not hold to that idea.

There is nothing wrong with getting things we want…after all, it is our Creator who spoke this world, and all of its beautiful things into existence.  Jesus tells us,

“I came that [you] may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance to the full, till it overflows.”

Jesus wants us to enjoy the life he died to give us.  His death and resurrection is so much more than a ticket to Heaven.  It is also the assurance that He wants us to enjoy and make the most of the time we have on Earth.  He is actually happy to see us happy.  Such a simple concept, but one that is largely overlooked by mainstream Christianity.

Jesus also gave himself away to be an example for us.  There are at least 87 times in the Bible where Jesus says, “Follow me…”  I believe that these two words, “Follow me,”  sum up the true meaning of Christianity.

True Christianity is not about following a set of rules, it’s not about your interpretation of scripture, but rather it’s simply following in Jesus’s footsteps.

How did Jesus treat the poor?

How did Jesus treat the hungry?

How did Jesus treat the sick?

How did Jesus treat sinners?

How did Jesus treat the outcast?

How did Jesus treat the stranger?

How did Jesus treat the religious?

These are the questions we should be asking ourselves as we seek to follow Jesus.

Jesus didn’t flaunt himself, he gave himself, and that is what he want us to do, as well.

Genuine Christians follow Jesus, and give of themselves to others.


“We have to learn to give ourselves away and the blessings of God will chase us down and overtake us.  You see, He wants to help you be enthusiastic about loving other people every single day of your life as you do kind and caring things for them.”   Joyce Meyer

For whoever wishes to save his life will lose itbut whoever loses his life [in this world] for My sake will find it. —Jesus


Lord, help me to see others through your eyes, and to be you to all I see.  In Jesus name, amen.


Daily Prompt:  Flaunt


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  1. Thank you. A wonderful post to get one to start thinking about have I really given myself away?

    1. Thank you for reading! 🙂

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