The “Airport Test”


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Today’s word from WordPress is Forlorn, and the prompt from my book, Writer’s BlockIMG_4442 is…Opening Lines.

So, I continue my quest to combine the two prompts, with the intention of creating an interesting challenge that will be entertaining for my readers.

Writer’s Block says this about Opening Lines:

“What makes a good opening line?  It depends on the story.  Editors of suspense thrillers often hold manuscripts up to an “Airport Test”:  If you were browsing through an airport bookstore, picked up a paperback, and read the opening line, would you buy the book before boarding your flight?”

After reading this I decided it would be fun to take an opening line from one of my horror stories, and tweak it just a bit to include the WordPress word, forlorn.  

Today’s combination is the third in this series.

“Amy opened her eyes to nothing…forlorn, she tried to bring her hands to her eyes, thinking she could rub away the dark, but her hands were bound behind her back.”

Photo from by Don

Hopefully, this opening line passes the “Airport Test.” 


If you would like to read Amy’s Story visit Creepy Reflections where all of my horror stories take up their residence.   


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