Road Trip to Maine: Day 5

Skies reflected in the sands of Wells Beach, Maine.

Today’s blog is both the continuation and the ending to the series “Road Trip To Maine.”

My intention for this series was to create a keepsake that could be re-lived years into the future.  I apologize for the boring moments, but thank you for your perseverance to come along with me on this journey.

The story of my fifth and last day has been a long-time coming, as I’ve let other things take priority over my writing.  Shame on me.

With that being said, the following is an account of the 5th, and last, full-day of my vacation to Maine.  Hope you enjoy.

I’ve been known to embarrass myself.  I’m not kidding.  In fact over the span of my life it has become my very own superpower.  Let me count just some of the ways:

  • Peeing my pants in second grade
  • Accidentally passing gas in church
  • Sitting on an aluminum chair at the passing of said gas  (i.e.- echoed effect)
  • Blushing and stuttering when flirted with
  • Falling off the treadmill when flirted with
  • Witnessing all trajectory paths of a basketball with my face
  • Et cetera…et cetera…et cetera 

It seems I never leave home without my superpower, and this vacation was no exception.  It came along for the ride and manifested itself twice in one day!

Here’s the story…

Tuesday morning began innocent enough.  I got up, changed, brushed my teeth,  and made sure I had pen, paper and protein bar inside my bag.  Then I headed out to McDonald’s for a much needed cup of coffee.

After a short drive, I parked the car in a parking lot adjacent to Well’s beach.  The day was chilly so I put on a hoodie and headed to the white sands with beach bag in hang and folding chair slung over my shoulder.

The tide was low, so there was a wide expanse of glimmering sand separating me from the incoming waves.  Sitting in my chair, inhaling and exhaling the salty air, I noticed the sand appeared as glass, reflecting the clouds and blues of the sky, above.  It was simply beautiful.  As I sat there taking it all in, a peace washed over me and it wasn’t long before my breath synchronized with the rhythm of the waves.  Then, without warning, my chair gave way!  Thank God, I was able to salvage the coffee, but not the chair and certainly not my pride.   I was embarrassed, and the chair was beyond repair.

I remembered seeing the store, “Renys-A Maine Adventure” earlier in the week.  “Surely, they have beach chairs,” I thought.  Feeling a little better with the thought, I lugged the broken chair back toward the parking lot.  On the way I noticed a trash can, so I stuffed the chair inside as far as possible, however its three defiant legs stuck out two feet in the air.  “Good riddance,” I said, a little too loud, and walked away without a backward glance.

Renys was a short drive away.   After finding an excellent parking space, I went inside and began a scavenger hunt for beach chairs, until I found them hanging on the wall.  I had my choice of three, but the cutest one, seemed to call out my name.  Taking it down from the wall, I noticed it was, not only cute, but light, as well.  I considered this a plus, thinking it would be much easier to carry as I trudged through the sand.  My last chair, the broken one, had been too heavy.

I unfolded it and sat it on the floor.  The webbed seat, looked to be, only five inches from the floor.  “Well…that’s different,” I thought.  Figuring I should try it out before the purchase, I squatted and began to lower myself downward.  While in route, my big ass must have went down “crank-sided,” because my left butt cheek clipped the right side of the chair, flipping it in the air like a paper football.  The was no where else to go, but the floor, so I hit it hard with a loud “SMACK!” 

Of course, immediately I looked around, hoping no one had seen, but lady luck had not been on my side.  At least three pairs of eyes looked my way.  Perhaps there had been more, but I was so embarrassed, I stopped my count at three. 

Chagrined, I rolled to my knees and got up with as much dignity as I could muster.  I hung the chair back in its place, silently cursed it, and then grabbed the biggest of the three.   I tossed the ugly thing in the buggy, and then tip-toed as quietly as possible toward the front of the store.  At the register, the lady scanned the tag that read…$9.99-able to hold up to 300 pounds; she looked at me and smiled.  I paid my due and got the hell out of “Renys-A Maine Adventure.”  I had, had all the adventure I could stand!


Back at the beach, I relaxed in my new chair, letting the sights, sounds and smells lull me once again into a state of serenity.  I wrote with pen on paper for hours, and was only interrupted by the visits of a lone gull, I had named Leroy.  Leroy ogled me with an upturned eye, and squawked, as if to say, “feed me!”  All I had was the protein bar, but of course, I was happy to share with my new found friend.  I took the wrapper off the bar, broke off a peanut and quietly tossed it to Leroy, careful as not to alert his comrades in the sky.  Leroy eyed the nut, picked it up in his beak and straight away, spit it back in my direction.  He then ogled me with his upturned stare and I knew in my gut he was asking, “What else have you got?”

“You little ingrate,” I said aloud.  “That’s all I’ve got, buddy…take it or leave it,” and with that, Leroy shit and flew away.

Later that evening, I hooked up with two friends, Lori and Jake.  It had been almost two years since last we met.  Lori’s the kind of friend, I feel comfortable talking to, and sharing my secrets, as I know they are safe within her keeping.  Jake has this knack of making me feel good about myself, and causing me to laugh, even when I feel bad.   Sharing the dinner table with them, was such a blessing; I was reminded of how fun it was to hang out with them, and just how much, I had missed their company.

I went to bed early that night, knowing my alarm would ring at 4am, telling me it was time get up and begin my trip back home.

The next day, as my little car headed south, I silently said another goodbye to Maine, as it grew distant in the mirror. I hadn’t done everything I had planned, or seen everyone I longed to see, but in spite of this, I smiled, because I knew I’d be back, to reconnect with that part of my heart, I left in New England. 


Thanks to all who came along with me on this adventure!  I hope you’ll join me next week as Corinne and I head southeastward to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

Thanks for the journey!


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