A Conversation with God 7/27/16

Gracie Lou…newest member of our family

[Me:]  God, why can’t puppies be born with bigger bladders?

[God:]  Puppies have been born for some 65 million years, give or take a million or two, why the need for bigger bladders now?

[Me:]  Well, Lord this morning I stepped in her piddle-puddle…barefoot and before coffee; and I have to say it wasn’t a very pleasant experience.

[God:]  I can understand how that may seem like a crisis…especially before coffee.

[Me:]  Yes…I guess it was sort of a crisis because I had already prepared a delicious cup of coffee with my favorite Cold Stone Sweet Cream, and was on may way to a comfortable chair when I happened to step in something wet.  Sure enough, the “wet” was golden in color, so I had to put down my coffee, go into the kitchen, grab some paper towels and the bleach cleaner, walk all the back and clean up Gracie Lou’s mess.  By the time I was able to sit down my coffee was cold and the only way I like cold coffee is if it were made to be cold from the start.

[God:]  Hmmmm…Yes, I can see how that could be quite frustrating.  I’ve gotten a lot of frustrating stories this morning.  Take for instance…

[Me:]  Oops, excuse me Lord.  Gracie just awoke…gotta take her outside before she squats.  I’ll be right back.

[15 minutes later]

[Me:]  I’m sorry it took so long, Lord.  After Gracie peed she ran to my garden with plans to chew up my squash plants.  I’ve told her no some “fifty-million” times!

(deep breath)

Well, as fate would have it, I was still barefoot, and I didn’t want to take a chance in stepping in poo, so I had to go all the way back inside and put on my shoes.  Shoes on, I go back outside and Gracie is licking the dew from the grass.  Well, of course, it becomes obvious to me that she’s thirsty; so I have this debate in my mind as the whether I should give her some water or not…as giving her water would only serve to intensify the problem. Well… I just could stand the thought of her being thirsty so I gave her some water.  Whew!

(deep breath and a pause)

[Me:]  So, God, you were saying?

[God:]  Yes, I was letting you know that I’ve had numerous conversations lately and many of them were crisis stories such as yours.  Take for instance, all the way from Alaska, I heard someone cry for help.  A 220-foot fishing boat was filling with water and would soon sink.  Thanks to me, all 46 crew members made it into the rafts.  I sent the Coast Guard  to make sure each one made it home safely.

(God pauses for a moment)

And just yesterday two soldiers, were shot and killed while in the process of protecting a woman from a lone gunman.  Both of these  good Samaritans had children.  I am saddened they will have to grow up without their fathers in their life.

(God pauses again)

Here’s one you may find interesting, as I know how much you love our four-legged furry friends.  Just last week two dogs were left alone, without water, on a tar roof in Newark New Jersey.  As the temperatures rose to 96 degrees the tar on the roof started bubbling and burning the dogs’ paws.  Both of them tried in vain to escape the roof.  The tiniest one, a Yorkie, kept running to edge trying to find a cool spot and the other guy, a pit bull, was covered in hot tar and had given up hope.  Animal officers rescued the two dogs and took them right away to get medical attention.  I’m happy to say both survived and both are being loved by their new caretakers…caretakers much like yourself.

(God pauses again)

You know…Gracie Lou is one blessed little puppy to have a mommy like you.  Thank you for taking care of one of my beloved creatures.  I truly love them all and I’m saddened even when one of my sparrows fall to the ground.

(God pauses and looks to me with tender eyes)

[Me:] (bowing my head)   Lord, I’m sorry for complaining, especially when there’s so many in the world truly suffering.

[God:]  That’s okay my child.  I understand. Hang in there because the blessings Gracie Lou will bring to your life, will far exceed the frustrations.

(God pauses)

[God:]   And…Lisa…

[Me:]  Yes, Lord…?

[God:]  Just remember…Gracie’s bladder grows bigger as each day passes.


Romans 12:12


Rejoice in hope; be patient in tribulation; and continue in prayer.  

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  1. liveyounique says:

    This made my heart smile. Thank you for this post (:

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

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