We Cry with Brussels


Brussels attacks: 34 die in 2 explosions at Brussels Airport, 1 at subway station

Oh God with David we cry aloud:

“Lord, I am so weak.
    I cried to you all night.
My pillow is soaked;
    my bed is dripping wet from my tears.
 My enemies have caused me such sorrow
    that my eyes are worn out from crying.

 Go away, you wicked people,
    because the Lord has heard my cries.
 The Lord has heard my request for mercy.
The Lord has accepted my prayer.

 All my enemies will be filled with fear and shame.
    They will be sorry when disgrace suddenly comes upon them.”

(Psalms 6:6-10)

My Prayer:  Dear Lord, please be near to my sisters and brothers in Brussels.  Lord, please rescue, protect and heal all those that are hurt.  Please guide and protect the rescue workers as they seek to help the injured.  Lord, comfort the hearts of those who’ve lost family and friends.  Please, God may we as your children look beyond our disagreements and come together to help a world in pain.  May justice be swift to all those guilty of this atrocity.  Lord, I long for the day when you will wipe away all tears; until then comfort us with your peace.  Amen.

(A publication in the “Walk Through Psalms” series)

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  1. Majka says:

    I am sending my prayers! Amen

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