The Balloon Man

wpid-photo-20150816175959521It was the minion…always the minion, and there was only one.  One special little boy or girl would be the recipient of the lone minion balloon.

He pushed the cart of balloons and watched them all with a curious eye.  Children everywhere…the carnival proved to be a smorgasbord for his choosing.

“Eeny meeny miny mo…Mary, Susie or Jimmy Joe…  ”  He secretly snickered at the rhyme but was careful not to let his excitement show.  

He scanned his prey  searching for his Mary, Susie or Jimmy Joe.  Finally his eyes landed upon the redhead who had strayed from his mom, and he knew that this would be the one.

He reached for the minion, that was puffed with air, and handed the balloon to the lost little boy.  The boy saw the minion and reached in the air…

Then with  a flash of blue, the boy is whisked away and the balloon man is taken to the ground.

The officer called headquarters…”We Got him…balloon man will kidnap and hurt no more”!

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  1. draliman says:

    I’m glad they caught him, but I wonder how many other poor kids were not as lucky? Creepy chap, nice story!

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