Photography 101: Day 1

Home And Getting Oriented

IMG_1997Nothing says home like a front porch.  In fact, I almost named this site, Front Porch 101.  Many of my fond memories involve the combination of family, friends and front porches.  I learned much while sitting on the front porches of my childhood.  Sometimes we played cards and other times we shelled butter beans, peas or snapped string beans.  And   always….always… there were the tall tales and the stories of yesteryear.  Some made us laugh hysterically while others caused tears to roll down our cheeks.  But, my all time favorites were ghost stories whispered in the night!   As we rocked in our chairs we felt the shivers travel from head to toe.


My new front porch.  What’s better than a glass of wine and a front porch?

Hmmmm…perhaps a cup of coffee…and a front porch…?

Can’t wait to find out!

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  1. looks like the perfect place to relax!

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