Waiting is Good

005There’s something in a bowl of soup that just comforts the soul…especially homemade.  I’ve got a bowl beside me as I write.  It’s too hot to handle at the moment so I’m letting it cool.  Its the last bowl from a pot of vegetable beef I made Sunday.  It tastes just as good as it did  the first day I stirred the pot, perhaps even better.  It must be the slow mingling of all the veggies, herb and spices that intensifies the flavor, sort reminiscent of wine…it gets better with time.  However, this is the fifth bowl I’ve had so I have to admit it’s starting to lose some of its appeal.  I guess I’ve just had enough and after this bowl I just don’t want to “play it again Sam.”

Remember that favorite song you played over and over until it stuck in your head and you hummed and sang it so much you wanted to barf?  For some reason I have that kind of relationship with “Jimmy Crack Corn.”  I swear the little ditty can pop out of mouth most any time and I don’t even realize it.  Note to self:  Maybe that’s what all the strange looks are about and not bad hair days, bats in the cave, open fly’s, toilet paper dangling from my shoe or any other kind of “oopsie” you’re oblivious to until you look in the mirror and discover it for yourself.   It never occurred to me that it could have been Jimmy and  his cracked corn all this time!  For some reason this thought makes me feel better.  I don’t like bats and I don’t want them hanging around my cave.  I mean how embarrassing would that be! 

Anyway I guess you can get too much of a good thing whether it’s a bowl of yummy soup or a favorite song.  Sometimes it’s best to do without it for a while so the next time you partake, it will be as good and sweet as the first time.  Think of everything you love to do and how  better it is when you’ve fasted from it for a while.  Instant gratification isn’t what it’s “cracked” up to be.  Good things come to those who wait.

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