There is a Way

There is a way, there is a door, never give up hope.  Daily Prompt: Lovingly

Lisa’s Watercolors, Peace & Tuscany

Peace Is a Place I walk across this bridge, Of which I often trod.  Waters ripple and flow, Caressing earth and sod. Breezes comb my hair, Gentle on my nose, Fragrances so sweet, Drifting from primrose. I think of this my place, Daydreams never cease, So everywhere I go I always carry, Peace. *** Tuscany Fill my glass,…

Footbridge To Peace

Finally finished my second watercolor painting.  I call it Footbridge To Peace.  Hope you like it! Before and After Stages

Watercolor #2: Solitude’s Comfort

Watercolor painting #2 has finally progressed, albeit slow, from the sketch stage to adding a little color.  I think I may have a lot of fun with this one too!  She’s quit rough and ragged around the edges but she’s my baby and she’ll come along with a little tender loving care.  


Tuscany is finally Finito!

Tuscany Evolves…

My first watercolor painting continues to evolve! (My continued participation in the Sketch-A-Day Event)