Siren’s Song…A Haiku

Indigo amiss

Chasm to fathoms below

Sea’s eternal bliss.

Siren’s Song by Lisa Hardy

Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille Challenge:  Cooling Down
Word of the Day:  Lullaby
Daily Addiction:  Infinite
FOWC with Fandango:  Unknown
RDP:  Whisper

You Are A Gift

We are uniquely created for reckless abandonment to our Creator. 

We crave Him,  and long for His sound and scent.

We yearn to share His story:  For God so loved the world.

 And no one else can tell the story quite like you. 

You are a gift to the world.

How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How vast is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand.  When I awake, I am still with You. (Psalms 139:17-18)

(Daily Prompt: Scent)

Road Trip to Maine: Day 2


Day two began with a knock at the door.

(Hmm… sounds like the beginning of a good mystery novel.)

Of course I was still asleep; after all, number 1-it was only 9:30 am, number 2-I was “on vacation” and lastly, number-3, I’d stayed up late the previous night.  I ask you, “Who in their right mind, wouldn’t be sleeping?”

Disoriented, I staggered to the door and managed to grunt, “Yes?”  The merry voice on the other side said, “Housekeeping!”

“Housekeeping…?” I thought…”Who the hell comes to your door that early to clean your room..?”

Trying to be considerate, I decided to not open the door.  I had yet looked in the mirror, but my gut instinct told me that I must look a fright.  You see, there’s this weirdo thing that goes on with my hair. In the mornings I always look like woody-woodpecker…believe me, it’s not very romantic.  I’m serious.  Both sides, the right and left, sweep upward to crash in the middle, and you all know I’m a redhead, so my ole pal, Woody, greets me every morning.

Hmmm…maybe I should rephrase that…what I mean to say is,  “Every morning when I look in the mirror, the cartoon character is staring at me, mocking me with his rediculous little laugh”  So, for that reason, I declined the merry housekeeper’s offer through a closed and dead-bolted door.

Sometime later, after I showered and washed my hair with Zest soap, ( no complimentary shampoo could be found) I sat out the porch, just outside my door, sipping on a cup of Folgers instant coffee and eating a bowl of Jasmine rice.  I watched the world as it was bathed by a gentle rain.  I could smell the ocean, even though it was over a mile away, and it seemed I could hear the gulls calling my name.  I was anxious to see what I hadn’t seen, since I moved from New England, over a year ago.

Wells Beach didn’t disappoint!  The sea was angry, under clouds of gray, while the squawking gulls busied themselves scavenging for breakfast.   There were a few others, like myself, walking the sands or sitting on wooden benches , soaking in the somber but absolutely beautiful view. Every now and again, the laughter of a child, could be heard above the crashing waves and seagull cries.

As I stood there, with the wind whipping my once tamed hair.  I took a deep breath of the best air in the world, and slowly let it escape my peaceful body.  Up until that very moment, I never realized just how much I had missed New England’s ocean.  This was why I had come.

I breathed it in again and smiled.

(to be continued…)


(The preceeding was inspired by New England’s Ocean, something I truly value)

By Land Or By Sea

Daily Prompt:  Tell us about the one luxury item you wish you could afford.

As an introverted writer, my mind and heart yearn 6a00d83451587d69e201b7c77ca9d6970bfor a quiet place of solitude to write my upcoming best selling novels.  

This special place would be filled with chirping birds, nesting or busying themselves searching for their next meal.  Big white puffy, clouds would be swallowed by a blue sky, and at night, its endless borders would be blanketed by a bright Milky Way.  Of course, this place of magic would also house my two dogs, Danica and Dolly, and my two cats, Morris and Luna. 0086f3b64a2898fb68f60b33af723bfbThe dogs would be sleeping by my side and the cats would be crawling over me and my computer vying for attention.  Oops…oh yeah…and my wife, Corinne, would be there too.  (Psssssttt…Please don’t let her know I forgot to mention her.)

Outside would be my very own secluded nook that would come with a small table, and upon that table would be a hot cup of coffee, cheddar scrambled eggs, grits, bacon, buttermilk biscuits, and Aunt Bessie’s homemade apple-butter.

However, the question that nags me is:  Will I want to enjoy my luxury by land or by sea?

Travel Images from Australia

If by sea, I and my wonderful family would charter our private yacht upon the bluest of blue waters.  Our little boat would carry us to harbors all over American where we could dock and  walk the streets of forgotten fishing villages.


Now, if by land, my log cabin would be nestled snug within the Blue Ridge Mountains.  There would be a small lake close by and on its shores staked a little brevenchatie_doma_22dingy, just waiting to take us out for a misty morn, fishing excursion.     Inside, the cabin would be warmed by an over-sized fireplace with a large oak mantle and hearth of  stone.   Directv would be a must, after all, Corinne has to watch her beloved Patriots win the Superbowl.

Geeeeez…BOTH scenarios have me drooling with open mouth.  How to choose?

Well, as long as my family is by my side either  would be a win-win!



Since writing the dreams above, reality called and I had to go outside to do some poop-scooping.  It was cold, but I was thankful for the frost as it froze the piles of poop, making them easier to shovel.  On about my fourth shovel full, I stopped short with this thought:

 Cleaning poop from the deck of a yacht sounds dreadfully unappealing.

I guess you could just toss it overboard but what about the leftover mess smeared on the floor?  Is it possible to boat-train older dogs?

I did a little research, thanks to Google, and discovered that yes, it is, indeed, possible.  All you need is a little patience and a section of AstroTurf or a box of sod.  Also, for the cats, it’s probably best to anchor their litter box to the floor of the boat.

So, still the question remains….By land or by sea?