Flower of the Day

Captured during Autumn in Ogunquit Maine


I took a road trip to New England a few years back.  Me, myself, and I conquered the 14 hour drive with only one mishap…a flat tire.  While walking the streets of Ogunquit Maine I saw these lovely flowers, and was compelled to capture them on film.  (Old terminology…I know…but hey, I’m over 50 and set in my ways.)  🙂


Participation in Cee’s Flower of the Day

Road Trip to Maine: Day 2


Day two began with a knock at the door.

(Hmm… sounds like the beginning of a good mystery novel.)

Of course I was still asleep; after all, number 1-it was only 9:30 am, number 2-I was “on vacation” and lastly, number-3, I’d stayed up late the previous night.  I ask you, “Who in their right mind, wouldn’t be sleeping?”

Disoriented, I staggered to the door and managed to grunt, “Yes?”  The merry voice on the other side said, “Housekeeping!”

“Housekeeping…?” I thought…”Who the hell comes to your door that early to clean your room..?”

Trying to be considerate, I decided to not open the door.  I had yet looked in the mirror, but my gut instinct told me that I must look a fright.  You see, there’s this weirdo thing that goes on with my hair. In the mornings I always look like woody-woodpecker…believe me, it’s not very romantic.  I’m serious.  Both sides, the right and left, sweep upward to crash in the middle, and you all know I’m a redhead, so my ole pal, Woody, greets me every morning.

Hmmm…maybe I should rephrase that…what I mean to say is,  “Every morning when I look in the mirror, the cartoon character is staring at me, mocking me with his rediculous little laugh”  So, for that reason, I declined the merry housekeeper’s offer through a closed and dead-bolted door.

Sometime later, after I showered and washed my hair with Zest soap, ( no complimentary shampoo could be found) I sat out the porch, just outside my door, sipping on a cup of Folgers instant coffee and eating a bowl of Jasmine rice.  I watched the world as it was bathed by a gentle rain.  I could smell the ocean, even though it was over a mile away, and it seemed I could hear the gulls calling my name.  I was anxious to see what I hadn’t seen, since I moved from New England, over a year ago.

Wells Beach didn’t disappoint!  The sea was angry, under clouds of gray, while the squawking gulls busied themselves scavenging for breakfast.   There were a few others, like myself, walking the sands or sitting on wooden benches , soaking in the somber but absolutely beautiful view. Every now and again, the laughter of a child, could be heard above the crashing waves and seagull cries.

As I stood there, with the wind whipping my once tamed hair.  I took a deep breath of the best air in the world, and slowly let it escape my peaceful body.  Up until that very moment, I never realized just how much I had missed New England’s ocean.  This was why I had come.

I breathed it in again and smiled.

(to be continued…)


(The preceeding was inspired by New England’s Ocean, something I truly value)

Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge:

Landscapes:  Below are my entries into Cee’s Landscape Challenge



New York City Skyline from Ellis Island

The above photo was taken from Ellis Island.  I loved the way the lamp posts diminish into the background creating a sense of depth.



DSCN0462 (2)
NYC Times Square

I took this photo when my son and I visited New York City.  Josh is the one with a raincoat on, looking back and upward, in front of the lady with the umbrella.  I tried to use the rule of framing, as Josh is framed by tall buildings on either side.  For some reason this photo reminds of the opening scene of the Mary Tyler Moore Show, when she’s in the “big-city” and she spins around and tosses her hat in the air.  Josh kind of has that same amazed look.




545406_4939104080400_2140672733_n (3)
Sunset at Myrtle Beach SC

I tried to concentrate on the horizon line and the rule of thirds in the photo of a sunset at Myrtle Beach.  I hoped to place the couple in a place within the photograph so they would draw your eye to them first and then traverse “counter-clockwise” up and over the distant pier and then into the clouds above.




Rainy Day in New England

I took this photo at Rye Beach New Hampshire when cheering a friend who was running in a marathon.  My friend had already passed and I was walking back to my truck when this scene inspired me to capture it.  I love the way the autumn leaves are scattered on the roads pavement and how the lines of the road and direction of the stone wall carries you through this photo.  I also love the pumpkin sitting on the stone wall.  This is one of my favorite pictures for a few reasons:  1.  It’s a misty rainy day.  2.  It’s during my favorite time of the year-Autumn.  3.  I LOVE New England.

This post has been my participation in Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge.


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Photo Challenge: Vibrant

Vibrant:  This week, share a photo of something vibrant. Let’s wash the web with a rainbow of colors to keep the winter gloom at bay.


Vibrant bounty from my raised-bed garden in New England.  I’m so looking forward to having one here in the Shenandoah Valley this year!



Vibrant oranges from the pumpkins at Applecrest Farms in New England.



More vibrant oranges from a New England autumn.  Brown road in Hampton Falls was one of my favorite places to run.



I’ve shared this photo before, however I couldn’t resist the temptation to share it again for this “vibrant” challenge.  Snapped this one while walking with Corinne at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.