Photo Challenge: Dense

Photo Challenge:  Dense

Bird House on The Cape
Bird House at Cape Cod

So, I took a little creative license with this photo.  I captured it last week, while visiting my daughter in Massachusetts.  In the original, the house was almost hidden by a dense thicket of branches.  I felt, the main focus, was obviously the bird house, so I did a little cropping, and was able to pull the image in quite nicely.  Next, I softened the edges, by using a vignette filter, with Adobe Photoshop…thus my creative license.  I was pleasantly pleased, with the outcome, so much so, I intend to use this as the subject of a forth-coming, watercolor painting.

Danica, my Dingo, resting in the fallen leaves.

I took this photograph, while living in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire.  I was outside, one late, Autumn day, raking the oak and maple leaves that densely covered our yard, when I noticed, Danica, had found her comfort, nestled within the pile I had made.

Apples, gleaned from a local farm in the Shenandoah Valley, on their way to help feed the hungry.

This photograph was also taken on an Autumn day, but this time, in the Shenandoah Valley.  Every year, our church, gleans the orchards of local, kind-hearted farmers.  The densely packed apples, were distributed to shelters, that help feed the poor and homeless within our community.  I absolutely love our church!  RISE is all inclusive and seeks, in every way possible, to mend God’s creation.  If you’re ever in the area (Harrisonburg Virginia), please visit us!  You will be warmly welcomed.

Peels from the apples, destined for a pie.

Continuing with an apple theme, this photograph was taken while I was in the midst of making a pie.  “My counter lay dense, in beautiful hues of red.”  (hmmm…that last line could be the beginnings of a beautiful poem…)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dense

Fairy Dust of Magic

Photo by Renee Dawson


Fairy Dust of Magic


I sit here basking, under rays of sun,

with grass interwoven between bare toes.

The bumble bee, he buzzes, he’s on a mission,

to a fragrant purple…a lilac…he knows.


Humming birds flit, their wings all a flutter.

 The nectar they crave, from this purple place.

Orange  Monarchs, and  Swallow-tails of yellow,

 land on the flowers, to hide their face.


Nervous, I was, at the dawn of this day.

 But now, I smile at nature’s display.

 And all of those critters, they…like the fay,

  fairy dust of magic, upon me, convey.


This poem is a result of today’s Daily Prompt, Nervous.  It was inspired from memories of me  as child, sitting in the shade an old lilac bush, my mom had planted.  I loved watching the birds, bees, and butterflies that frequented its branches.





This Weeks Photo Challenge: Shadow

Hello Friends!

Below are my entries into this weeks Photo Challenge:  Capture a shadow.

Newport RI

I’m not quite sure if reflections count as legitimate shadows, but I loved the shadowy reflections captured in this photo.


Newport RI

Last year, we were able to spend a few days in Newport Rhode Island, to celebrate our 10th anniversary.  I took the above photo on one of our evening walks.


Corinne at Hampton Beach NH

When we lived in New Hampshire, we were only five minutes from Hampton Beach.  When this particular photo was taken, our life was in crisis mode because of a job loss.  We actually worried of becoming homeless.  During those months, we took many steps in the sand.


Danica looking beyond the shadows at Applecrest Farms in Hampton Falls NH

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  We always looked forward to visiting Applecrest Farms during their annual Harvest Festival.  On this particular outing, our dogs, Danica and Dolly went with us.  Above, Danica looks to be surveying the clearing, beyond the shadows that hold her captive.

Morris, working on his tan

Morris is our rescue kitty we got from a friend.  You probably can’t see them, but he actually has freckles on his nose.  Of course, red hair and freckles are the norm for us gingers.  Ginger Power!  Morris loves the outdoors. In this photo he is lounging on the back porch taking in some rays.  The shadow of his head reminds me of Batman.


Weekly Photo Challenge


You Are A Gift

We are uniquely created for reckless abandonment to our Creator. 

We crave Him,  and long for His sound and scent.

We yearn to share His story:  For God so loved the world.

 And no one else can tell the story quite like you. 

You are a gift to the world.

How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How vast is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand.  When I awake, I am still with You. (Psalms 139:17-18)

(Daily Prompt: Scent)

Road Trip to Maine: Day 3

Sunday came early as always; however, I missed its entrance, as my little eyes were closed in sleep, and remained so, until somewhere in the neighborhood of the eleventh hour.  So let’s just say, I “arose” at approximately 11’ish, and straight away, stumbled to the window to gaze into  yet another cloudy day in Maine.

Since I had slept much of the day away, I wasted no more time in getting out and about. First on the agenda was a visit to the Rachel Carson National Refuge, second was Nubble Light House and lastly a leisurely stroll through the picturesque town of Ogunquit Maine.

I thought it would be fun to share my day with you through the eye of the camera.  Hope you enjoy them!


Rachel Carson, fellow introvert, writer, and nature lover, spent most of her life writing about ecosystems of the eastern seacoast from Maine to Florida.  She was one of the first to warn of the dangers that chemical pesticides would have on all natural systems.  The refuge covers over 5,300 acres of protected natural habitats including barrier beach, dune, tidal estuary, salt marsh, and rocky coastline.


1 mile trail meanders through marshlands.


Color Kissed Leaves
Can I stop and read for a while?



Wonder who lives here?
The forest was full of widow-makers like this. I have to say it was a bit spooky. I walked gingerly.



Ogunquit Maine

All decked out in pumpkins



Nubble Lighthouse


Go Out with Joy

“For you shall go out with joy,
And be led out with peace;
The mountains and the hills
Shall break forth into singing before you,
And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.”

mountains sing tree clap 2
Shenandoah Valley

Go “out” with joy and be led “out” with peace

 Sometimes you just need to go out to flourish.


Fill us with Wonder

Because of your great mercy,
    I come to your house, Lord,
and I am filled with wonder
as I bow down
    to worship
    at your holy temple.

Psalms 5:7


For today’s scripture I wanted to find a lovely photo of a simple church surrounded by God’s beautiful nature.  I found many; but try as I may, none gave me peace.  I have a hard time with organized religion and the photos I found brought this feeling to the forefront of my mind.   Those of you, who follow my blog, know I grew up in the church, but never found peace there.  I can’t honestly remember a day in which I felt happy about church, and I’ve carried around so much guilt for feeling this way.  It took a long time before I could separate church and God.  Believe me, the two are not synonymous.  God loves me unconditionally; the church never has.

I truly wanted to resonate with David and his words, “…I come to your house, Lord, and I am filled with wonder as I bow down to worship,” but I couldn’t.  Often, I talk to God about this feeling and I believe He understands.

Today, while spending time alone with God and meditating over this verse I sensed God saying to me, “…my child…you can find peace in the place of worship I have created…all you have to do is look for it’s all around you.”  With this thought peace flooded my soul and I smiled because I could say with David, “…I am filled with wonder.”

My Prayer:  Dear Lord, thank you for your place of worship you created for us.  May we feel your touch in the breeze.  My we hear your song through feathered fowl, smell your fragrance from flower’s breath and know your love through nature’s rest.  Thank you God, for the beauty of your world.  Make your presence known as we bow our hearts in wonder before you.  Amen.


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