Obviate: A Haiku

Beaches, shells, and gulls Blue Skies, and coconut rum… Weight…Obviate. (Weight and Stress…synonymous) Word of the Day: Obviate

Siren’s Song…A Haiku

Indigo amiss Chasm to fathoms below Sea’s eternal bliss. Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille Challenge:  Cooling Down Word of the Day:  Lullaby Daily Addiction:  Infinite FOWC with Fandango:  Unknown RDP:  Whisper

Retrospective…a Haiku

20/20 sight Oh Knowledgable array  In Retrospective   *** Looking for healthy AND delicious recipes?  Visit Kate & Amy’s LCHF recipes. Give them a like and a follow! *** Daily Prompt:  Retrospective  

Awkward…a Haiku

So, do you like cheese? Awkward is my middle name… I suck at flirting.     *** Daily Prompt:   Awkward  

Haiku: Crank

  Old dying man said, “Life is but a Model T,   to thrive…crank’er up!” The Daily Post:  Crank  

Haiku: America Bleeds

[WP’s daily prompt = Allergic] +  [Writer’s Block Prompt = Diet] =  Haiku: America Bleeds ***                               A diet of hate,                           And no allergen to greed America bleeds……