Day of Reckoning: Prologue 1 and 2

Prologue 1  What’s the phrase? “Looks can be deceiving…?” Yes, that’s the one. From a bystander’s point of view the cabin looked innocent enough.  It had its walls, windows, rooms, and door, but that’s where the similarity ended.  This cabin was old…ancient, and it held within its walls secrets…many bad secrets. No one knew the…

The Cabin in the Woods

Today’s two word-prompt combination: [WordPress:  Candid]  +  [Writer’s Block:  Virus]  = The Cabin in the Woods *** The cabin appeared innocent enough, but to be candid, it too was infested by the same demonic virus that ran rampant in the woods. What’s the old idiom..  “…looks can be deceiving…” ?   Yes, that was the one….