My Coffee Would Never Get Cold

The following is my response to today’s Daily Prompt:   You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature. How do you use it?


Damn it, it’s cold again!

I had sat down to devour today’s headlines and fell head first into the politics at hand.  Mesmerized by what candidate A was saying about candidate B, I blindly reached for my coffee cup, eyes never leaving the page of juicy gossip, and brought to my lips an Eeyore mug, given to me by my wife.  It’s actually one of my favorite coffee cups.  It’s just the right size, fits quite comfortable in my hand and there’s a downcast looking Eeyore sketched on each side.  Hmmm not quite sure what Corinne’s (my wife) trying to convey…  Could it be I’m grumpy before my morning coffee?  Oh well, she’s been wrong before.

Anyway, back to the story.  In the headlines I read:  Hillary no longer thinks Trump is funny and then with a click of my mouse I’m at Huffington Post where Trump questions Hillary’s ability to satisfy America when she can’t even satisfy her husband.  Another click of the mouse and I see an eagle trying to nest atop Trump’s head, and it’s at that precise moment I take a large swig of cold coffee.  The eagle is funny…but not the cold coffee.   Why does coffee cool so quickly?  I often find I can hardly eat the eggs and bacon on my plate without having to warm my coffee at least once.

Is it just me or does anyone else find that it’s not even hot enough when it first spills from the Keurig and into the cup?   My Keurig is a bit old but I bet even the new ones have no temperature control.

So there I sat sloshing the cold brew in my mouth as the eagle aimed for Trump’s rug.  I guess I should have been concerned about his three foot comb over but all I could think was…  “If I were a super hero my coffee would never get cold.”


(Cartoon by Mike Peters)