Watercolor #2: Solitude’s Comfort

Watercolor painting #2 has finally progressed, albeit slow, from the sketch stage to adding a little color.  I think I may have a lot of fun with this one too!  She’s quit rough and ragged around the edges but she’s my baby and she’ll come along with a little tender loving care.  


Above, my  sketch, Solitude.  Soon to be my next watercolor painting.  The actual sketch of course is not so dark.  I only darkened it here for better observation. (A participation in the Sketch-A-Day challenge)

Tuscany Evolves…

My first watercolor painting continues to evolve! (My continued participation in the Sketch-A-Day Event)


  The photo below was taken on our cruise to the Caribbeans.   Decided to do a little cartooning of Corinne and myself.   The above sketch is my participation in the Sketch-A-Day Challenge.

Once Upon an Island

  The thing hid behind trees and watched as fresh meat disembarked the yacht.  It had been weeks since the last shipment, so the creature could barely contain the blood lust raging within its decomposing body.  The thing growled and pulled against the chains holding him in place.  Its brain could no longer reason.  It only understood his ravenous need…

Daily Sketch/Zombie Abstract

This rendering is my participation in the challenge called  Sketch-A-Day.  Also, it is to promote my new blog challenge:  Weekly Horror Tales   This challenge invites the writer (hopefully you) to weave a spine tingling tale with a prompt that is posted every Sunday. The rules to this challenge are near to none, as I don’t want to hinder…

Daily Sketch/ Tales from Watership Down

(The sketch above is my participation in the  Sketch-A-Day challenge) My sketching, today, comes from Tales From Watership Down by Richard Adams.  I’ve just started reading this delightful book.  It consists of 19 folk tales about the mishaps and adventures of a herd of rabbits.  The first story, tells the tale of how the rabbit came by…