Love Letter

Hello Love,

It’s been a while since I’ve written…forgive me.

I’ve been so busy working, studying for school, and trying to keep it somewhat presentable around here in the unlikely event of unexpected visitors. That’s one thing about COVID it has cut back on the number of knocks at the door.

Remember how crazy things got when that happened.

I have to smile just thinking about it.

At the sound of the first knock, 3 sleeping dogs would rise and exercise their right to bark…and bark…and bark… Almost in an instant Luna would tear out of the living room like a bat out of hell, Poor Morris, deaf as a cob, slept in blissful peace. You and I would jump up, look at each other as if to say…”who the hell is that?” The look of shock on our faces conveyed the fact that neither one of us had a clue.

In the early days we made the mistake of going straight to the front door and opening it for all three dogs to lunge at the innocent soul like three Dinos after Fred Flintstone.

Those poor, poor people.

After that happened a few times…not sure why it took us so long…we learned to first open the door to the garage…tell the girls to “go get em”, and they fell for it every. single. time. Then, and only then, we’d open the front door to view our shock-faced visitor. We tried our best to chat but in the background one dog bayed, another one howled, and the other barked a tune.

Not very classy, huh?

Sure, got rid of our Jehovah’s Witness problem…lickety-split.

Anyway, I’m trying my best to hold the fort, but I miss you so much. Nothing’s the same, and I suspect it never will be. Sometimes I have a hard time wanting to go on…a hard time wondering why I go on…then I hear the dogs bark.

Ahhhh so that’s what you’re trying to tell me…to take care of your fur-babies.

I swear that I am, baby. Probably not as good as you, but they’re getting food and water every day.

You know…you were the one who always spoiled them rotten to the core! You were always the good parent…and I was the one saying, “No no…bad dog!”

Truth be told, they get quite a few extra treats every day. So, don’t you worry, I’ve taken up the spoiling mantle, and trying somehow to fill your shoes. Sometimes the girls look quite puzzled, and it’s then I know they are missing you.

All of us miss you so much.

Until next letter, watch over us and be our angel.

I love you with all my heart.


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  1. Eileen Cusick says:

    Always enjoy your heartfelt blogs, Lisa. I wish there was some way to ease your sorrow. Corrine was such a wonderful woman & you 2 were a delightful couple & you both brought much to the table when caring for your pets & welcoming friends to your home. Thank you for sharing your memories & stories. Warmest of greetings to you!

    1. Thank you, Eileen ❤

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