Lucy and Ethel

Us in Belize

(The following is my response to today’s prompt-Buddy.)

I’m so lucky my best friend is also my wife. We’re far from suave, polished and “high- falutin.”

Nah…that’s not even close to being us.

Paint us goofy, uncoordinated, and great eaters of shoe-leather; as we’ve mastered the art of “opening mouth and inserting foot.”

We’re a whole lot like Lucy and Ethel.

There’s nothing fancy about us.  What you see is what you get-sweatpants, sneakers and faded tees.  We are a simple kind of folk…not needing a lot to be content. We’re happy as larks, if there’s a fire in the fire-place, grilled cheeses in our hand and Seinfeld on our TV.

We’re just a couple of introverts, navigating a rather noisy world, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  She’s my partner-in-crime, my buddy, and the other half of me!

us in boston
Us in Boston


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